Koh Lee Ching D 20102041772 ( EL - W03 ) Science Year 1


Sunday, 9 October 2011


What are living thing and nonliving made of?
-Like living things, nonliving things have properties that you can see, such as color, hardness or softness.
-Living things and nonliving things are made of small perticles called atoms.
  Atom made up everything that takes up space.

Living Things VS.Nonliving Things
-most things in the world are divided into living and nonliving things.
-e.g. of living things : trees, grass, animals.
-ex. of nonliving things: air, cloud etc.
All living things are made of cells. Cells are the basic unit of life.

Living Things obtain and use energy
-Autotrophs: organisms that can make their own food. ex. plants.
-Photosynthesis is process through which plants obtain thier energy.
-Heterotrophs: are organisms that can not make their own food. ex. animals.
 Herbivore : Plant eater
 Carnivore : Flesh eater
-Living things respond to their environment.
-Living things grow and develop as a result of cell division and cell enlargement.
-Living things maintain a stable internal balance = Homeostasis

Living thing and non-living thing