Koh Lee Ching D 20102041772 ( EL - W03 ) Science Year 1


Friday, 2 December 2011

Healthy Food

We have three main meals a day. In the morning, we have breakfast. We eat bread, milk egg and etc in the morning. At noon, we have lunch. We eat rice, chicken, vegetables, fruits and etc. In the evening, we have dinner. We eat rice, fish, meat, vegetables, soup and etc. We also need to drink a lot of water. We can drink water at meal times or drink water in between meals. We also can take other drinks for example milk, soya bean, orange juice and so on.

We need to eat and drink to grow, if we do not eat and drink enough, may be will feel tired and sick. So that we should eat a variety of food because the types of food we eat will be get us healthy. This types of food like rice, bread, vegetables, meat fish, fruits, etc. We should not eat too much fried food and sweet food like chocolate, ice-cream, sweet, etc. As these would make us unhealthy or fat. If to eat such food once in a while but not eat every day.

Finally,We must eat the right types of food every day. These should include fruits and vegetables.

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